Safety spectacles

Proteye safety spectacles, suitable for prescription lenses.



A brief description of the European standards for eye protection EN 166.

All manufacturers of safety goggles must meet European standards. The frame and the glasses are tested and both must be provided with the CE label and the producer's logo. The CE markings ensure that the product meets the EU requirements of consumers' safety, health and environment.

EN 166 personal eye protection.

The frame is marked by Proteye, EN 166 F and CE. This indicates that the frame has been tested and meets the European standard.

Other information on the temple arms of frames; model number, arms length, colour.

Any additional information on the bridge of the nose; frame/lens size and nose size.

The glasses fall into the optical class 1. this is the highest optical class for everyday use.

The safety classes of the lenses with increased robustness come in class S, the minimum resistance is against impact of a 22mm steel ball which hits the glass surface with 5.1 m/sec.

The high-speed safety class with low energy, comes in Class F. The minimum requirement here is a resistance to impact of a 6 mm steel ball at a speed of 45 m/sec.

The markings you find on the lenses are always: CE, Proteye logo / and optical class 1

In addition, the lens resistance class markings; S, F

EN 169 filters for welding, flame cutting and related work.

EN 170 UV filters protects eyes from UV radiations during hazardous activities. These lenses are NOT suitable for welding and related works.

EN 172 Sun glare filter for industrial use

Sun Filter markings : 5-1.4 20 – 41.9 % filter

5-1.7 41.9 – 56.8 %

5-2 56.8-70.9 %

5-2.5 70.9-82.2 %

5-1.1 <2.5. photo chromatic lens

loose/ replacement glasses.

Follow the instructions in the manual/user information.


Proteye model 029

Model 029 is a deluxe metal safety frame with special spring-steel temples.

Proteye veiligheidsbril model HCR2000

A sturdy plastic mens frame with fixed hinged sideshields.

Proteye veiligheidsbril model HMR2000

A sturdy metal mens frame in a classical style with fixed hinging sideshields.

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